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Tires & Wheels

10/12/14 inch Own developed Aluminum Wheels

Size: 10X 7J
 Weight: 3.75 kgs
 ET: -25
 PCD: 4X 101.6
 Max Loading: 350kgs each
 Recommended tires: 22X11-10 Carlisle off road tires.
Size: 12X7 J
 CB: 70mm
 PCD:4X 101.6
 Recommend tires: 23X10.5-12 Carlisle off road tires.
Size:14X7 J
 Weight: 5.8kgs
 Recommend tires: 23X10.5-14 Carlisle off road tires.
Noted: After you lifted your carts with lift kits, you would definitely need to have cooler and bigger looking rims and tires. 

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